How can I get better retention with eyelash extensions?

Why don’t my lash extensions have good retention?

If the natural lash has any residue buildup on them prior to the extension be placed on it, it won’t hold. If the glue “sets” too fast and drys too fast it can crack and fall off prematurely. No matter how good everything is, there will always be some that just don’t want to stay on.

How do you reduce swelling from eyelash extensions?

Use a cold compress to reduce discomfort and swelling (eye pads may better if they are trying to keep the lashes) Use a small amount of cortisone cream. Take Benadryl. Go to urgent care if nothing works or if the reaction is severe.

What causes poor lash retention?

Makeup – Using the wrong eye makeup can be the worst culprit to lash retention. Many eyeliners have oils in them that can cause the bases of the lash extensions to pop or clump. Mascaras can cause volume fans to clump and adhesives to soften.

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Why do my lash extensions only last a week?

Your lash extensions only last a week!

This often happens when not enough lash extensions have been applied. If you think you’ve found the cheapest technician around then the chances are they aren’t spending enough time during the appointment to provide a long lasting, full lash effect.

Does crying affect lash extensions?

Lash extensions are water-resistant. It is very important to not cry during the process as crying can spread the glue/vapors causing irritation. Crying during the process will also make it very difficult for the glue to dry and bond the extension to your lashes.

Can you go blind from eyelash extensions?

No, you cannot go blind from eyelash extensions because your eyes are closed during the procedure. But in extreme cases, coming in contact with formaldehyde can cause blindness.

How do you get rid of swollen eyelids after eyelash extensions?

How to Treat an Allergic Reaction to Eyelash Extensions

  1. Use a cold compress to reduce discomfort and swelling (eye pads may better if they are trying to keep the lashes)
  2. Use a small amount of cortisone cream.
  3. Take Benadryl.
  4. Go to urgent care if nothing works or if the reaction is severe.

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Why are my eyelids swollen after eyelash extensions?

Allergic reaction to eyelash extensions symptoms

The most common are: swollen eyes/eyelids. redness of the cornea. itchiness or discomfort around the eye area.

Why are my clients lashes not lasting?

There is one main reason for this and that is that you may be using the wrong adhesive for your speed and environment. In short, if the adhesive is setting too quickly, it will set before a proper bond can form with the clients natural lash, which means poor retention.

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How many eyelash extensions should I lose a day?

This means that you could lose 1 to 5 eyelash extensions per day. This is perfectly normal and to be expected with or without lash extensions. When the natural lash grows to maturity at the end of its growing cycle the eyelash extension attached to it will fall out as well.

What is the longest lasting eyelash glue?

EXTRA STRONG & LONG-LASTING – our eyelash extension glue has the latest advanced formula with incredible bonding power that last up to 8 weeks. Strong bonding and long retention period on the market eyelash extensions.

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What can you not do with eyelash extensions?

Don’t: Touch them! Avoid plucking, pulling, yanking and twisting your lashes. If you need them gone, book in for a professional removal to have them removed safely. If not you can damage your natural lashes causing baldness (no thanks!)

Does heat ruin eyelash extensions?

The heat can cause your lash extensions to singe, lose that beloved curl, warp, bend or curl in opposite directions.

What to clean lashes with before extensions?


  1. Remove all eye-makeup using an oil and glycol-free makeup remover. …
  2. If you are wearing heavy foundation, remove this too before washing eyes, using your cleanser of choice but AVOIDING the eye area. …
  3. Wet your eyes with cool water. …
  4. Rinse it off and dab them gently dry.

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